1.     Abstract submission deadline is April 14, 2017.

2.     Experimental or clinical studies on any topic will be accepted.

3.     The study must include at least one medical student and at least one advisor medical faculty member.

4.     Medical students presenting in at least one paper abstract can register as active participants.

5.     All abstracts will be reviewed the Scientific Committee.

6.     Those who do not pass the approval of the Scientific Committee will be able to participate as passive participants.

7.     A medical student participant can send max. two abstracts. The Scientific Committee has the right to demand the change of the type of any presentation from poster to oral and vice versa. Corresponding author will be notified by email about the decision by the The Scientific Committee to accept or deny submitted abstracts.

8.     Abstract text must be written in English.

9.     Abstract text is limited to 250 words. If abbreviations are used they must be declared on first use - e.g. body-mass index (BMI).

10.   Abstract submission guideline and Abstract sample link

11.    Abstracts must be sent to

12.   Oral presentations will be performed and discussed in sessions of ten minutes.

13.   Please note that all active participants at the congress are obliged to pay the congress fees  synchronous with sending an abstract (50 TL for Active participants up to April 14, 2017, 75 TL for Pasive participants up to May 5, 2017). Abstracts of those who have not paid their congress fees will not be assessed by the Scientific Committee.

14.   All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.